Friday, September 29, 2006

Life at the Kiriyat

Owing to the fact that nothing of any real interest happened this week, well nothing that I believe would enthrall my dear readers, I am going to describe to life at Machon, situated at Kiriyat Moriah (I think thats how you spell it).

Lessons start at the ungodly hour of eight o'clock, so one tends to get out of bed at about five to. I have never personally been to breakfast and I know I am not alone. Some people dont even get dressed for lessons and so pyjamas are not unusual attire. Lessons last 90 minutes each, which is particularly painful if you've a) got a double b) its first period c) if its really boring d) not yet had a morning coffee e) partied too hard the night before, and many more excuses beside. Lessons include kehilla (history), chadracha (leadership), Judaism, Israel and of course Hebrew. There tend to be around five lessons a day although occasionally we have the afternoon off, bliss.
Some classes are more alternative than others including one where we made masks, using paper machee and people's faces, which was fun if not slightly messy.

Admittedly some lessons are more interesting than others although thats down to personal preference, as well as the teachers. I get the feeling that some of the teachers here will be the most inspirational and interesting ones I have ever had. Although it is of course early days for me, first impressions go along way.

The food is edible but thats about it, meals repete frequently and after awhile the last thing you want to do is have another meal here. I've only been here for two weeks but even I am beginning to loathe the monotony and lack of taste in what is being passed off for food.

I am going to deal with evenings and shabbas at a later stage when I have more experiences to base my narration on. I apologise for the lack of humour in today's article, but I hope this blog answers any questions as to what I am doing here.
I will speak to you soon with hopefully something more interesting to report


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to the comedic stylings of big dan..

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Prediction of mala said...

He sold em for a camel at the wailing wall

9:00 AM  

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