Thursday, February 01, 2007

Location Location Location

I thought that for my subject this week I will tell you a little more about where I live. Karmiel is a purpose built town in the Galilee. It was established in 1964, and was developed according to a master plan. The upshot of this is that Karmiel is a purpose built city and thus actually has a plan and structure to it. The city (of 50,000) is divided up into different neighourhoods which each have their own separate amenities like schools, community centres etc. The city is remarkably beautiful with all the main roads being very wide with a big bank of greenery in the middle, nicely decorated roundabouts and tree planted on every street. The city is certainly green.

Whilst this is all very nice there is really very little to do. The main areas of interest are the gym (clearly the only thing that will make me work out is having nothing else to do), the library (the only place where we can get internet from) and the mall, which is a five minute walk away and is very useful incase we ever run out of milk. On the entertainment front there is one main bar called Frankilins which is situated in the industrial district which we have been to twice, and a few more local bars which we have yet to venture into. There is however a very famous dance festival, in June.

Our house is located about a two minute walk from the main high street. This is not as a you might imagine an indictment on how small the town is but how good our location is. We have a four storey house in a small quiet dead end street, in fact we might as well be just waiting for our neighbours to come and complain. But what of the house itself.

On the front gate one sees a large red and white sign with the phone number on, the house is indeed still for sale. Before entering there is a pleasant covered up patio perfect for a quiet phone call, cigarette etc. The front door bell is the highly amusing sound of birds. The ground floor is a large open plan kitchen and living area. The kitchen is tiny and with more than two people in it, it becomes very hard to move around. One the other hand the living area is huge with plenty of space to swing a cat, and more besides. The garden is rather small but there is a small pond and waterfall.

The first floor contains the two girls rooms and my room and the girls bathroom, strictly out of bounds of course. The second floor houses the remaining boys bedrooms and bathrooms. Above this floor there is a roof garden, and here can also be found the washing machine and dryer (well thats what its meant to do). This is clealry the perfect space to have a quick whinge about everything that doesnt work. This includes the washing machine and dryer, the boiler is tempermental and work when it chooses, and the heating works far too well and causes more arguements then its worth. However, on the whole it really is a great house and Karmiel really is a lovely place, and I doubt there is a better place to volunteer, if only there was something to do at night.


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