Friday, October 13, 2006

The Big Meet

Hi Again

I am well aware that my last blog was bloody long, dont worry I'm not going to start talking about its length again, and so you probably cant take another entry, but you will have to forgive another one, whilst the details are still fresh in the memory. I will try to keep it as short as possible.

Following my five days on the Galilee I returned to Jerusalem by way of a quick stop in Tiberias. We did not however stay at the Kiryat which was supposedly shut, instead we were put up in the Shalom Hotel in Western Jerusalem near Yad Vashem and Har Herzel. The hotel was actually really nice as it had a bath, comfortable beds and a TV all luxuries compared to what I have had for the past month. It was thus a welcom change from camping. The reason we (as in Noam) had returned to Jerusalem half way through our holiday was because we were going to a mifgash (meeting) with our parallel Conservative youth movements in America, South America and Israel. The Yanks both North and South had about 80 members each we had 10 and the Israelis 5/6.

The mifgash occured at some sort of weird biblical themed park half way between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. We were split up into different groups and I found myself as the only Brit in my group. The activities we participated in included using a pulley system to get water out of a well (which we failed at), cooking a vegetarian biblical lunch (surprisingly good and I helped make rice and lentils which got much praise) and then some sort of dull navigation exercise in the searing heat. Following that there was a dinner and a disco (dont ask), all in all a fun day.

But sod the events of the day I know all you care about are the Americans and just how annoying they were. By the sound of it I got quite a nice group and I was able to get along with everyone in the group (and for the record I did tell them I ate cucumber sandwiches and have tea with the Queen). Apparently in other groups the Americans were over enthusiastic whereas the South American did bugger all which caused significant tension between the two, which in one group almost broke out into war on the Mexican border. Anyway from my point of view they were all really nice and I think I am going to try and keep in contact with them which will be nice.

I am now back at the Kiryat, I've got one more day before the holidays start which just so happens to be simchas torah so I intend to be pretty happy (drunk).
Speak to you all soon


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really enjoying reading your blog (yes, people outside your family read it). At least we now get an idea of what Gideon gets up to!
Please keep Friday 27th October free - we will have Friday night dinner together.
The Julii

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