Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Enrichment and Kef

Every week in Karmiel our school week is broken by Enrichment Day. Enrichment day is a an activities group for the fifteen of us, its purpose, as the name suggests, is to engage us in activities which, as the names suggests, we would find enriching. Such days have included from day trips to Acco, the Ghetto Fighters Museum (the worlds first Holocaust Museum), an encouner with a group of local Israeli Arab girls, talks on Jewish Identity, and even going to the cinema and bowling. Enrichment is always great fun, a chance to hang out and do stuff with the group as a whole, and whilst its not always particualrly enriching its always nice to have a break from school, and the icing on the cake is sometimes we even get a lie in.

Yesterday's enrichment was listed as a surprise, and we were kept largely in the dark about it, although Oren telling us to bring swimming costume and towel was a bit of a give away. Nevertheless we had no idea where we were going until we arrived. Our arrival it should be noted was delayed by an hour, because of the blocking off of the road, because of a suspicous package, which we witnessed being exploded, in a controlled fashion. Actually we did guess the Canada Center, which turned out to be correct. We had been to the Canada Center on Northern Tiyul. The Canada Center is a leisure centre with many different facilities including one of two ice rinks in the Middle East (the other is in Saudi Arabia), a bowling alley, swimming pool court, sports hall, gym and lots more besides.

Whilst the majority of the group decided to go to the ice-rink Richard Smith, Annabel and myself could not resist the pull of the posters for the shooting range, and so we made our way down into the bunker to live out our wildest spy fantasies. After twenty minutes of agonising over which gun to choose all three of us settled on a 9mm Richard and I choosing the Jack Baueresque Glock, whilst Annabel settled on the more elegant yet similarly lethal Beretta. Then after a brief talk on what to do, we proceeded to empty our twenty five bullets against the target. Although we were all first timers our results different greatly Richards shots were all very close together although a little low, Annabel was spread out across the board but she did manage a bullseye and a headshot, I of course was lucky to hit the target. Nevertheless we all left the range feeling rather satisified.

We rejoined the group in the sports hall for basketball, once again my complete inability to shoot hindered my ability to be any good, but this didnt stop me from running tirelessly up and down the pitch trying to make a difference, and of course I had to make what is meant to be a non-contact sport as aggressive as possible. At once stage around 100 youths wandered into the viewing gallery and spent the following twenty minutes cheering us on. After lunch we decided that instead of removing the sweat from our bodies and going swimming, we would let it remain clinging to us, a small price to pay for a game of bowling. Always great fun as a team building/destroying game. We left the Canada centre at 3:30, it was followed by a short drive to the Lebanese border where we looked out over Southern Lebanon and Northern Israel, and the view of the snow topped Mount Hermon was truly lovely. Then it was an hours drive back hopme, where everyone inevitably slept.

About a month ago now, it was suggested (mainly by me) that we were not doing enough as a group and something had to be done about this. Part of the remedy was the introduction of the Kef (fun) night, where two people in the group organise a fun activity for the rest of the group. It was kicked off a few weeks ago by Nick and Richard Sarsby taking us all the second biggest club in Israel, the following week Jo and Nir provided ice cream and sweets for a group viewing of the 40 Year Old Virgin, the week after Ruthie and Sophie decided that we were all far too mature, and that we should celebrate Ariel's 6th birthday, this meant party games (including the funniest game of musical chairs ever played), and a birthday tea, with cake and customary mentoes in coke bottle.

I bring up Kef night because last night it was the turn of Jake and I to plan it. On Monday evening we handed out invitations to an Ambassadors Cheese and Wine Party, in celebration of Jessie' birthday. What no-one realised though was what was to come. As Jake made a toast to Jessie I (playing the bulter) apologetically interrupted him and made it apparent that I had lost the rest of the cheese. This lead to a Karmiel wide hunt for the missing cheese, which Jake and I had hidden a couple of hours earlier. Locations included a main roundabout, the basketball court and a local pub. Each team had a starting clue and when they found the cheese they had to call me with a number which was in the package with the cheese. On receiving the number I prompty texted them the next clue. All the teams took it very seriously and rushed to come back first, though that was probably down to the winner's receiving a bottle of champagne. Once all the teams were back we had Jessie's birthday cake, and I breathed a sigh of relief as a night that could have gone badly wrong went off without a hitch.


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