Saturday, November 11, 2006


Up until a couple of days ago I had a very clear idea of what this week's entry was going to involve. It was to be titled 'pride and prejudice' and was going to be a summary of the weeks conflict between the cities ultra-orthodox and gay communities as the gay pride march, which occured on Friday drew closer, and then to top it all off I was going to finish with a first hand account of the rally.

Then why you might ask am I giving you a summary of what I wanted to write but not actually writing it. The answer is that as I am sure most of you know, the Israeli army in response to four kassam rockets hitting the town of Ashkelon, fired two shells into the town of Beit Hanoun killing 18 including women and children. This fairly obviously cause a global outcry and condemnation of Israel's action. An inquiry was held and Ehud Olmert announced that what had happened was down to a technical failure and what happened was against policy. That did not stop Hamas and friends issuing in response 80 solid terror threats in retaliation.

Security was tightened, the gay pride march was cancelled as it was going to take 10,000 border police to guard, and they obviously needed to be on the border, and so only a closed rally was held inside the Hebrew University an area much easier to secure. For us on the Machon it was Lockdown. Lockdown means that for a certain period of time (the entire weekend) you cannot, with a very few exceptions i.e. with express permission, leave the Kiriyat Moriah. Although this did not pose too much of a problem for yours 'chronically lethargic' truly (even though I could not go to the rally, obviously off limits, I could lie in) it did for many of his friends, especically those who had made reservations in hostels around the country, and so it went from what was probably going to a very empty Kiryat to a virtually full one, bang goes the peace and quiet I had been looking forward to.

The question then arose how do we keep ourselves entertained for the weekend, especially since we were not allowed it. One of the soloutions was to have a 24-athon which means watching an entire series of 24 in one go. Although I have seen every single episode ever made I was still up for the challenged, and so we all settled in. Word of warning, when doing a marathon of anything make sure the DVD's arent cheap Chinese fakes and that the discs do actually worked, and so by episode three we were forced to give up the endeavour. Tonight in a spirt of concilliation the Machon are bringing in a Karaoke company to keep us entertained, which promises to be fun.
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