Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Weekly Routine

So lets get down the tachlis (nitty gritty) (probably spelt that wrong (the tachlis that is not the nitty gritty (should probably get out of these damn brackets))), today I want to talk about what my week actually consists of (hence the title).

The weeks starts on Sunday, which still confuses me and I frequently find myself wearing my Monday socks on Sundays (yes I actually have socks for the days of the week and I must wear the right sock on the right day, sad I know). My alarm goes off at 7:00 as the bus comes at 7:30, so it is a rushed breakfast as the bus is usually outside about ten minutes before I am ready to go, so I get on the bus, I say bus its usually a minibus which seats between 10-15, this is ironic as there are only two of us Jessie and myself. The drive to my school in Ein Al Asad lasts about twenty minutes and give a perfect opportunity for a quick nap. We arrive at school around eight, I will not go into a full retelling of a day at school as no two days are ever the same and I am scared of going into too much detail. So I will skip to the end and say that we leave at 1:15 every day.

On sunday afternoon's we have ulpan (Hebrew lessons) with Margalite a relationship and sex therapist, dont ask. For these lessons (the hebrew not the sex ones, we have to go to her house for that, for that joke to take full affect I should state she is in her fifties) we have to write ten sentences in Hebrew about the last few days, so this is what most people do five minutes before the lesson begins. On Sunday evenings we have our big group meeting of the week, which I spoke about in a previous blog, and this is followed by group clean-up. In an attempt to prevent the house looking like a total pig-sty at 9:30 on Sunday evening we as a group clean up the house. The house is divided into three areas, and the group is divided into five groups of three, and each week you and your group have an area of the house to clean.

Monday morning is exactly the same as Sunday, in the evening though at around 5:30 a bus comes to take me Annabel and Ariel to the absorption centre on a Kibbutz half an hour away. Here we are meant to teach young Ethiopian immigrants English, but that is never the case as they are either dont turn up or run amock as we struggle to control them. Last Monday was slightly different because we helped them with their maths homework instead. Monday evening is usually the night upon which kef night falls. Tuesday is enrichment day and as that was last weeks subject I shant say anything about it this week, other that we had a really lovely trip to the Golan Heights which included wine tasting.

Wednesday is just like any other school day except we start at 10:00, and as you know very well by now from reading this blog that I love my lie-ins. Wednesday afternoon is the second ulpan of the week and in the evening we have our group meal. This is the one time a week when we as group sit down together to a home cooked meal, it is usually one of the highlights of the week as the food is always good and the conversation lively. The meal is cooked by two members of the group, and two others are chosen to do the washing up. I had to cook the very first group meal and together with Grace (and a considerable degree of help from Jessie as she can cook) we made shepherds pie.

Thursday is just like any other day in the morning, and in the afternoon I go to the moadon kef-li which is a social group for young people with mental disabilities. On Thursday's we take them to the local gym or park and play games and sports with them, its usually quite fun although communication is rather difficulty. Finally the week ends with a group meeting with Oren where we round off the week. Then there is the weekend the subject for another time.


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